King's Castle Self Storage - Personal Storage

Whether you've outgrown your closets, garage, or your entire house, we have a secure place to store your stuff. We offer options for short term storage or long term storage. Our largest units feature two entrances for convenient pull through access and accessibility from either end. You use your own lock and key, so only you have access to the unit and its contents.

What to Store?
Furniture, household goods, appliances, sporting equipment, clothing, vehicles, trailers, and more!

When Could You Use Some Extra Space?
When your closest is too cluttered.
When you move into a new house.
When you are remodeling your home.
When a relative moves in.
When you want to reclaim your garage.
Store your seasonal items.
Store your motorcycle, boat, ATV, or summer toys during the winter.
Store your snowmobile or other winter toys during the summer.
The possibilities are endless!