King's Castle Self Storage - RV, Boat and Trailer Storage

King's Castle Self Storage has adequate space to store your RVs, boats or trailers while not in use. Our outdoor units are economical and can accommodate campers from pop-ups to the largest motor homes. All of our outdoor units are individually marked. You are assigned a specific site and only you move your trailer. No more damage to your camper from other people moving it.

City Ordinances
By storing your RV at King's Castle Self Storage you no longer need to endure criticism from neighbors and you won't be in violation of city ordinances for storing in front of your residence or on the street.

Makes Home Safer
If you store your RV at home, when the RV is away, it's like putting a sign outside for thieves that says "we're away on vacation, come on in." So by parking it at King's Castle Self Storage, your home will be safer.

Contractor Equipment
Contractors can also benefit from parking their vehicles and trailers at King's Castle Self Storage.

Keep It Indoors
Our indoor units have 9' wide doors to accommodate vehicles, boats and trailers. Our largest indoor units feature two entrances for convenient pull through access.

RVs, Campers, Boats, Trailers